Industrial Relations in Education

Industrial Relations in Education

Transforming the School Workforce

Carter, Bob; Stevenson, Howard; Passy, Rowena

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Acknowledgements 1. Teachers' Work and Teacher Unions: The Global Context 2. Transforming the School Workforce in England: The Road to Remodelling 3. Research Methods: Processes, Issues and Implications 4. Setting the Agenda: The Emergence and Significance of 'Social Partnership' at the National Level 5. Industrial Relations in Transition: The Changing Role of Local Authorities 6. Transforming the Primary School Workforce 7. Workforce Remodelling in Secondary Schools: Towards Extended, Accountable Management 8. Workforce Remodelling: Transforming Teaching? 9. Industrial Relations and Trade Union Renewal, Rapprochement or Resistance. Appendix. References. Index
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