Industrial Internet Application Development

Industrial Internet Application Development

Simplify IIoT development using the elasticity of Public Cloud and Native Cloud Services

Traukina, Alena; Tyagi, Prashant; Reddipalli, Kishore; Thomas, Jayant

Packt Publishing Limited






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Industrial Internet is the integration of complex physical machines and networked sensors and software. Increasing the number of sensors in industrial equipment is going to increase the data being captured, which needs to be analyzed. This book is a one-stop guide for software professionals to design, build, manage, and operate IIoT applications.
Table of Contents IoT Fundamentals and Components IoT Application Design IIoT Edge Development Data for IIoT Analytics for IIoT Developing your first application for IIOT Deployment, Scale and Security Considerations Reliability, Fault Tolerance and Monitoring your IIoT Application Implementing an industrial strength IIoT Application with Predix Best Practices of IIoT applications Future Direction of IoT
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