Indigo Quilts

Indigo Quilts

30 Quilts from the Poos Collection - History of Indigo - 5 Projects

Triplett, Lori Lee; Triplett, Kay

C & T Publishing






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30 stunning antique quilts from one of the world's largest privately held quilt and textile collections.
Introduction Indigo: Africa's Gift to the World Origins in Africa Textiles in Africa Resist in Africa Technology Transfer Origins of Indigo in America Northern Colonies Southern Colonies Indigo Infatuation Continues African Influence on others Foreign Influence in African Indigo Indigo Quilts - APPLIQUE Flowers, Stars, Birds, and Heart Tassels Medallion Heart Wreath with Garland Border Oak Leaf and Reel Prince's Feather Snowflakes Papercut True Lover's Knot Indigo Quilts - MIXED APPLIQUE AND PIECED Single Irish Chain with Garland Border Sunflower and Nine Patch Indigo Quilts - PIECED Album Block Blazing Stars and Lemoyne Stars Cherry Baskets Chintz Nine Patch with Indigo Resist Border Delectable Mountains Double Four Patch Double Stars Economy Patch Album Block Feathered Star Feathered Star with Crossroads Lemoyne Star Nine Patch with Red Ocean Waves Ohio Star with Illuminated Indigo Border Reversible Lemoyne Star Sawtooth Star Single Irish Chain with Flock of Geese Border Sunburst and Arkansas Snowflake Temperance T Variable Star with Vine Border Indigo Quilts - Wholecloth Wholecloth Quilt - French Indigo Resist 5 Quilt Patterns Endnotes
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