Improv Patchwork

Improv Patchwork

Dynamic Quilts Made with Line & Shape

Shell, Maria

C & T Publishing






Join author Maria Shell in a step-y-step journey of artistic discovery with this fascinating visual guide.
Contents Start Where You Are My Journey as a Quiltmaker Your Journey To Developing a Quiltmaking Practice How to Use this Book The Psychological and Emotional Benefits of Being a Maker Tips on Being a Fearless Quiltmaker Space and Tools Quality Tools Sewing Machines A Short Discussion about Space Finding the Perfect Iron Color, Pattern, and Repetition Color Basic Color Theory Color from a Quilter's Perspective Four Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Color Sense Value Building a Color Palette Print, Pattern, and Repetition Finding Quality Solid Fabrics Search Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, and Ebay Buy Commercial Quilter's Cottons Dye Your Own Tips on Being Fearless with Color Ruler-Made Stripes The Simple Stripe Fabric Prep Cutting Stripes Stitching Stripes Designer StripesCreating Recipes for Ruler-Made Stripes Working with a Ruler-Made Stripe Piecing off the Grid Press Like a Professional Mat-Made Stripes Preparing and Cutting Mat-Made Stripes Controlling Wonkiness in Mat-Made Stripes Ruler-Made Stripes versus Mat-Made Stripes Short Row StripesAnother Fun Stripe to Make Tips for Cutting and Sewing without Rulers Mat-Made Stripes Quilt Ideas Polka Dots Classic Polka Dot Multi-Colored Polka Dots Polka Dot Stripes Polka Dot Quilt Ideas Triangles Triangles Made with Lines Isosceles Triangles Made from Shapes Half-Square Triangles / Right Angle Triangle Rulers Perfect Pinning Triangle Quilt Ideas Chevrons, Herringbones, and Zigzags Chevrons Herringbones Zigzags Chevron, Herringbone, and Zigzag Quilt Ideas Checks, Tracks, and PlaidsThe Ultimate Linear Print Checks, Ginghams, Plaids, and Tartans Defined Checks Lattice Checks Regular Checks Tracks Plaids Resources About the Author
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