Impact of Biological Invasions on Ecosystem Services

Impact of Biological Invasions on Ecosystem Services

Hulme, Philip E.; Vila, Montserrat

Springer International Publishing AG






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The book presents an analysis of the ecological, economic and social threats posed by the introduction and spread of non-native species.
1. Introduction.- PART I: Introduction.- 2. Changes in primary production and carbon sequestration after invasion.- 3. Modification of habitat quality and stability by non-native species.- 4. Alteration of nitrogen cycling as a result of invasion.- 5. Hydrological impacts of biological invasions.- Part II: Impacts on provisioning services.- 6. Decreases in crop production by non-native weeds, pests and pathogens.- 7. Impact of non-native pests and pathogens on forestry.- 8. Interference with aquaculture and fisheries.- 9. Impacts of non-native species on livestock and genetic resources.- PART III: Impacts on regulating services.- 10. Displacement and local extinction of native and endemic species.- 11. Infections and diseases in wildlife by non-native organisms.- 12. Non-target effects of biological control agents.- 13. Disruption of pollinator services.- 14. Impact of invasions on water quality in marine and freshwater environments.- 15. Damage to infrastructures.- 16. Alteration of disturbance regimes.- PART IV: Impacts on cultural services and human well-being.- 17. Spread of vectored non-native human diseases.- 18. Impacts of non-native animal toxins and injuries to human health.- 19. Use of non-native species in developing economies and for poverty alleviation.- 20. Non-native species and the aesthetics of nature.- PART V: Synthesis.
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