Imagining Sameness and Difference in Children's Literature

Imagining Sameness and Difference in Children's Literature

From the Enlightenment to the Present Day

O'Sullivan, Emer; Immel, Andrea

Palgrave Macmillan






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This book investigates how cultural sameness and difference has been presented in a variety of forms and genres of children's literature from Denmark, Germany, France, Russia, Britain, and the United States;
Contents Series Editors' Preface Acknowledgments Notes on Contributors 1 Sameness and Difference in Children's Literature: An Introduction Emer O'Sullivan Part I. Ethnography on Display 2 Learning to See: Eighteenth-Century Children's Prints and the Discourse of Othering Silke Meyer 3 Picturing the World for Children: Early Nineteenth-Century Images of Foreign Nations Emer O'Sullivan 4 Figuring the World: Representing Children's Encounters with Other Peoples and Cultures at the Great Exhibition of 1851 Gillian Lathey 5 Imagining the World in Bavarian Children's Books: Place and Other as Engineered by Lothar Meggendorfer Amanda M. Brian Part II. Internationalism and Tolerance 6 Imagining Equality: The Emergence of the Ideas of Tolerance, Universalism, and Human Rights in Danish Magazines for Children, 1750-1800 Nina Christensen 7 An Anthropologist Shows Girls a World of Difference: Louis-Francois Jauffret's Geographie dramatique Cynthia J. Koepp 8 Information or Exoticization? Constructing Religious Difference in Children's Information Books Gabriele von Glasenapp Part III. Constructing Self and Nation 9 Anxious Encounters: Picturing the Street Child in On the Sidewalks of New York Lara Saguisag 10 Russian Picturebooks from 1922 to 1934: Modernization, Sense of Nationhood, Internationalism Verena Rutschmann 11 Appropriating the "Wild North": The Image of Canada and Its Exploitation in German Children's Literature Martina Seifert 12 Travel as Construction of Self and Nation Margaret R. Higonnet Index
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