Humans at Work in the Digital Age

Humans at Work in the Digital Age

Forms of Digital Textual Labor


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List of Tables and Figures Acknowledgements List of Contributors Introduction Andrew Pilsch and Shawna Ross Part One: Government 1. Racialized Surveillance and the US Census: Tabulating Labor J. D. Schnepf 2. Digital Labor and Trans Histories: Resisting Assigned Gender in the Early Mainframe Era Mar Hicks 3. Big Data and Universal Design in The Home Market: Are There Market Researchers in Utopia? Megan Faragher Part Two: Industry 4. Working in the Shadow of the Object Rebecca Perry 5.Work, Play, and the Banality of the Digital: Boredom as Form Paul Benzon 6.Labor, Data, and Amateur Inventor in the Age of the Silicon Valley Boy Billionaire: Edisonade, Zuckerbergade Nicholas M. Kelly 7. Digitizing Labor in the Google Books Project: Gloved Fingertips and Severed Hands: Andrea Zeffiro Part Three: Out of the Office 8. Reading Women's Labor in the Cybernetic Seventies: Vital Work Madeleine Monson-Rosen 9. The Economy of Online Comments John R. Gallagher Part Four: University 10. The Digital Labor of Blended Learning: The Reading Cities Project Melissa Dinsman, Carrie Johnston, and Elizabeth Rodrigues 11. Using Video Games to the Test the Boundaries Between Work, Play, and Cultural Criticism: The Labor of Critique Matthew Kelly 12. (Re)canonizing World Literature with Digital Archives and Online Magazines from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China Jessica Siu-yin Yeung 13. The Stakes of Digital Labor in the 21st Century Academy: The Revolution Will Not Be Turkified Roopika Risam 14. Scaling Black Feminisms: A Critical Discussion about the Digital Labor of Representation Alexandria Lockett Index
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