How Organizations Manage the Future

How Organizations Manage the Future

Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Insights

Kramer, Hannes; Wenzel, Matthias

Springer International Publishing AG






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This pioneering edited collection explores the question of how organizations manage the future. Arguing that the future acts as both a driver of and a performative result of organizing, the book asks how organizations conceptualize and deal with the future and what processes are in place to handle things to come.
1. Introduction: Managing the Future - Foundations and Perspectives; Matthias Wenzel and Hannes Kramer.- Part I. Philosophical Perspectives.- 2. From Defuturization to Futurization and Back Again? A System-Theoretical Perspective to Analyze Decision-Making; Victoria von Groddeck.- 3. What's New? Temporality in Practice Theory and Pragmatism; Anders Buch and Iben S. Stjerne.- 4. Creativity in/of Organizations for Managing Things to Come: Lessons to be Learnt from Philosophy; Gunther Ortmann and Joerg Sydow.- 5. Organizational Futurity: Being and Knowing in the Engagement with What is Yet to Come; Seelan Naidoo.- Part II. Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives.- 6. Open(ing up) For the Future: Practising Open Strategy and Open Innovation to Cope with Uncertainty; Maximilian Heimstadt and Georg Reischauer.- 7. Antenarratives in Ongoing Strategic Change: Using the Story Index to Capture Daunting and Optimistic Futures; Tommi P. Auvinen, Pasi Sajasalo, Teppo Sintonen, Tuomo Takala and Marko Jarvenpaa.- 8. What Scenarios Are You Missing Poststructuralism for Deconstructing and Reconstructing Organizational Futures; Ricarda Scheele, Norman M. Kearney, Jude H. Kurniawan and Vanessa J. Schweizer.- 9. Historical Methods and the Study of How Organizations Manage the Future; Yves Plourde,- Part III. Empirical Insights.- 10. In the Wake of Disaster: Resilient Organizing and a New Path for the Future; A. Erin Bass and Ivana Milosevic.- 11. The Darkened Horizon: Two Modes of Organizing Pandemics; Matthias Leanza.- 12. Managing the Digital Transformation: Preparing Cities for the Future; Markus Kowalski, Anja Danner-Schroeder and Gordon Muller-Seitz.- 13. Creating Collective Futures: How Roadmaps and Conferences Re-configure the Institutional Field of Semiconductor Manufacturing; Uli Meyer, Cornelius Schubert and Arnold Windeler.- 14. Organizational Artifacts as Pre-presentations of Things to Come: The Case of Menu Development in Haute Cuisine; Jochen Koch, N. Natalie Senf and Wasko Rothmann.- 15. Solid Futures: Office Architecture and the Labour Imaginary; David Adler.
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