Home Fronts - Britain and the Empire at War, 1939-45

Home Fronts - Britain and the Empire at War, 1939-45


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Introduction: Home Fronts and the Empire at War - Mark J. Crowley and Sandra Trudgen Dawson British Restaurants and the Gender Politics of the Wartime Midday Meal - Nadja Durbach A Nutritional Economy: The Calorie, Development, and War in Mandate Palestine - Sherene Seikaly Rubber Shortages on Britain's Home Front - Sandra Trudgen Dawson Nation-Building and Nationalism in Bengali Children's Literature during the 1940s and 1950s - Nupur Chaudhuri 'Young blood' and 'the blackout': Love, Sex and Marriage on the South African Home Front - Jean Smith Ceylon's Home Front during the Second World War - Ashley Jackson Nyanza at War: Kenya and the Mobilisation of Britain's Colonial Empire - Andrew Stewart 'Fighting In Their Ways'? The Civilian Man in British Culture, 1939-1945 - Linsey Robb 'The Royal Mail will always get through' - Maintaining Communications on the Home and Military Front during the Second World War - Mark J. Crowley 'National Necessity' and 'Patriotic Duty': Railway Publicity in World War II India - Ritika Prasad Removing Danger from the Home Front in Australia - Christine Winter Bombs and Recycling Drives: The Double Threat to Books and Documents in Wartime Britain - Peter Thorsheim Select Bibliography
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