High Performance Soft Magnetic Materials

High Performance Soft Magnetic Materials

Zhukov, Arcady

Springer International Publishing AG






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1. Amorphous and nanocrystalline glass-coated wires: optimization of soft magnetic properties.- 2. Tailoring of soft magnetic properties and high frequency giant magnetoimpedance in amorphous ribbons.- 3. Melt-extracted microwires.-4.Giant magneto-impedance effect in amorphous ferromagnetic microwire with a weak helical anisotropy.-5.Tunable magnetic anisotropy and magnetization reversal in microwires.- 6. Tunable electric polarization of magnetic microwires for sensing applications.- 7.Soft Ferromagnetic Microwires with Excellent Inductive Heating Properties for Clinical Hyperthermia Applications.- 8. Magnetically bistable microwires: properties and applications for magnetic field, temperature and stress sensing.- Index