Heaven's Purge

Heaven's Purge

Purgatory in Late Antiquity

Moreira, Isabel (Associate Professor of History, University of Utah)

Oxford University Press Inc






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Heaven's Purge traces purgatory's roots in the texts and debates of late antiquity. Illuminating the varied perspectives on post-mortem purgation in late antiquity, Isabel Moreira challenges the conclusions of recent scholarship through an examination of the texts, communities, and cultural ideas that informed purgatory's early history.
Introduction. Purgatory in Late Antiquity ; Chapter One. Purgatory in Early Christian and Patristic Thought ; Chapter Two. Of Sons and Slaves: Violence and Correction in the Afterlife ; Chapter Three. O Purgatorium Caeleste!: Purging Body and Soul at St. Martin's Shrine ; Chapter Four. Purgation in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries ; Chapter Five. Purgatory, Penitentials, and the Irish Question ; Chapter Six. Purgatory in Bede and Boniface ; Chapter Seven. Missionary Eschatology and the Politics of Certainty ; Chapter Eight. Barbarians, Law Codes, and Purgatory ; Conclusion
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