Handbook of Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality Management

Handbook of Research Methods for Tourism and Hospitality Management

Nunkoo, Robin

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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For the current multidisciplinary community of tourism and hospitality scholars, support for research methods has been disparate and uneven. Established researchers of hospitality and tourism will find this Handbook to be an excellent concise read to assist in their continuing research.
Contents: PART I: Foundations of Tourism and Hospitality Research 1. The State of Research Methods in Tourism and Hospitality Robin Nunkoo 2. Positivism: Viewing Tourism And Hospitality Knowledge Objectively Girish Prayang 3. Constructionism: The Making Of Meaning In Tourism And Hospitality Research Tom Griffin 4. Postmodernism: Progressing Research In Tourism And Hospitality Philip F. Xie 5. Critical Inquiry In Tourism And Hospitality Research Heather Mair 6. Existential Phenomenology: Understanding Tourists' Experiences Sandhiya Goolaup and Cecilia Soler 7. Understanding Theory and Theoretical Contribution Ekaterina Sorokina and Youcheng Wang 8. Theory Building and Evaluation in Tourism Research Ekaterina Sorokina and Youcheng Wang 9. Managing the Spatialities of Fieldwork and Tourism C. Michael Hall PART II: Qualitative Research Methods 10. Using Ethnographic And Participatory Approaches In Tourism And Hospitality Research Nicholas Wise 11. On The Use Of Meta-Theory In Grounded Investigations: In Principle And Practice In Hospitality And Tourism Research Tyler S. Stumpf and Christopher B. Califf 12. Building Knowledge From The Tourism Field: The Grounded Theory Approach Alain Decrop and Julie Masset 13. Using Participant Observation With Socially Constructed Grounded Theory Method To Explore On-Site Guest And Visitor Behaviour Vern Biaett 14. Narrative Analysis and Tourism Research Tom Griffin 15. Sensual Quasi-Q-Sort (SQQS): Enriching Qualitative Hospitality And Tourism Research Via The Human Senses Alfred Ogle 16. Falling On Deaf Ears: Tourism Research And Audio Methods Martin Trandberg Jensen 17. The Use Of Projective Techniques To Circumvent Socially Desirable Responses Or Reveal The Subconscious Ann Hindley and Xavier Font 18. Examining Gastronomic Experiences Using Auto-Driven Photo-Elicitation Bill J. Gregorash 19. Personal Construct Theory And The Repertory Test In Destination Image Research Steven Pike 20. Findings From The Treasure Chest: Conducting Archival Research In Tourism And Hospitality Susann Power 21. Netnography As A New Research Method In Tourism Studies: A Meta-Review Of Journal Articles Published Between 2005 And 2015 Jing (Bill) Xu and Mao-Ying Wu PART III: Quantitative Research Methods 22. Administering Face-To-Face Structured Questionnaires In Tourism Research Antonio Mario Oliveri 23. Social Desirability Bias In Ethical Decision Making Research: An Application Of Conjoint Analysis Sheree-Ann Adams, Davina Stanford and Xavier Font 24. Histogram-Based Colour Image Analysis On Tourism Photography Eerang Park 25. Application Of Normative Theory And Methods In Recreation And Tourism Robert E. Manning 26. Benchmarking In Tourism Research: Comparing And Improving Elke Hermans 27. Experimental Research in Tourism: Examining Changes to Destination Perception with Film-Induced Tourism Eugene Thomlinson 28. Secondary Data Modeling In Tourism And Hospitality Research B. Seetanah 29. Application Of Partial Least Squares Based Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) In Hospitality Research Faizan Ali, Woody G. Kim and Cihan Cobanoglu PART IV: Mixed Methods Research 30. Mixed Methods In Tourism: Philosophical Assumptions And Key Research Design Issues Girish Prayang 31. Combining Qualitative And Quantitative Research: Semiotics, Structuralism And Content Analysis Leanne White 32. Conducting Mixed Methods In Tourism And Hospitality Management: Applications In Competitive Strategy, Management Systems And Sustainability Practices Jose F. Molina-Azorin, Xavier Font, Jorge Pereira-Moliner, Eva M. Pertusa-Ortega and Juan J. Tari 33. Quantitative and Qualitative Content Analysis Michael Hall 34. Applying Case Study Methodology To Tourism Research Sandra De Urioste-Stone, William J. McLaughlin, John Daigle and Jessica P. Fefer 35. Research Methodology Choice in Serious Leisure in Renaissance Festival Tourism Elizabeth T Coberly and Susan L. Slocum 36. Climate Change And Tourism Research In South Africa: Prospects And Obstacles For Mixed-Method Approaches Gijsbert Hoogendoorn and Jennifer Fitchett 37. Bringing Cross-Disciplinarity To The Fore: A Methodological Framework For Leadership In Destination Management Organisations Dean Hristov and Haywantee Ramkissoon 38. Measuring Innovation In Tourism: Issues From The Western Cape Experience Irma Booyens PART V: Other Research Issues 39. Sampling Design in Tourism and Hospitality Research V. Teeroovengadum and R. Nunkoo 40. Methodological Issues In Cross-Cultural Tourism And Hospitality Research Frederic Dimanche and Lidia Andrades Caldito 41. Ethical Issues In Tourism And Hospitality Research Gianna Moscardo 42. Child-Centred Approaches in Tourism and Hospitality Research: Methodological Opportunities and Ethical Challenges Antonia Canosa, Anne Graham and Erica Wilson 43. Tourism Research And Knowledge Transfer Lisa Ruhanen and Chris Cooper Index
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