Handbook of Full-Field Optical Coherence Microscopy

Handbook of Full-Field Optical Coherence Microscopy

Technology and Applications

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Introduction to full-field optical coherence microscopy Arnaud Dubois Theory of imaging and coherence effects in full-field optical coherence microscopy Anton Grebenyuk and Vladimir Ryabukho Spatio-temporal coherence effects in full-field optical coherence tomography Ibrahim Abdulhalim Cross-talk in full-field optical coherence tomography Boris Karamata, Marcel Leutenegger, and Theo Lasser Signal processing methods in full-field optical coherence microscopy Igor Gurov High-speed image acquisition techniques of full-field optical coherence tomography Woo June Choi, Kwan Seob Park, Gihyeon Min, and Byeong Ha Lee Toward single-shot imaging in full-field optical coherence tomography Bettina Heise Frequency-domain full-field optical coherence tomography Rainer Leitgeb, Abhishek Kumar, and Wolfgang Drexler Full-field OCM for endoscopy Anne Latrive and Claude Boccara Full-field optical coherence tomography and microscopy using spatially incoherent monochromatic light Dalip Singh Mehta, Vishal Srivastava, Sreyankar Nandy, Azeem Ahmad, and Vishesh Dubey Real time and high quality on-line 4D FF-OCT using continuous fringe scanning with a high speed camera and FPGA image processing P.C. Montgomery, F. Anstotz, D. Montaner, and F. Salzenstein Digital interference holography for tomographic imaging Lingfeng Yu, Mariana Potcoava, and Myung Kim Technological extensions of FF-OCM for multi-contrast imaging Arnaud Dubois Spectroscopic full-field optical coherence tomography Julien Moreau Multi-Wavelength Full-Field Optical Coherence Tomography Mariana Potcoava, Nilanthi Warnasooriya, Lingfeng Yu, and Myung K. Kim Dual-modality full-field optical coherence and fluorescence sectioning microscopy: toward all optical digital pathology on freshly excised tissue Fabrice Harms Full-field optical coherence tomography for rapid histological evaluation of ex vivo tissues Manu Jain and Sushmita Mukherjee FF-OCT imaging: a tool for human breast and brain tissue characterization Osnath Assayag Full-field optical coherence microscopy in ophthalmology Gael Latour, Kate Grieve, G. Georges, L. Siozade, Michel Paques, V. Borderie, L. Hoffart, and Carole Deumie Investigation of spindle structure and embryo development for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis by subcellular live imaging with FF-OCT Ping Xue and Jing-gao Zheng FF-OCT for nondestructive material characterization and evaluation David Stifter
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