Growth, Crisis, Democracy

Growth, Crisis, Democracy

The Political Economy of Social Coalitions and Policy Regime Change

Magara, Hideko; Amable, Bruno

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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* Introduction: Social Coalitions between Equilibria and Crises (Hideko Magara) * The emergence of an anti-bourgeois bloc in France (Bruno Amable & Stefano Palombarini) * Abenomics and Japanese Politics (Masanobu Ido) * Who turned their back on the SPD? Electoral disaffection with the German Social Democratic Party and the Hartz reforms (Baptiste Francon) * The Transformation of the Swedish Model since the 1990s: The Political Aspects of Institutional Change (Nanako Fujita ) * The EU neoliberal policy regime and main political alternatives (Alberto Martinelli) * Political Reformation of Social Coalitions for Elections (Yuki Yanai) * Developmental class coalitions: historical experiences and prospects (Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira and Marcus Ianoni * Authoritarian Developmentalism, Democratic Neo-liberalism, and Economic Growth in Korea: Economic Growth in Different Policy Regimes (Hyug Baeg Im) * Class coalitions in new and consolidated democracies: the case of Brazil (Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira and Marcus Ianon
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