Growth, Crisis, Democracy

Growth, Crisis, Democracy

The Political Economy of Social Coalitions and Policy Regime Change

Amable, Bruno; Magara, Hideko

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction: Social Coalitions between Equilibria and Crises (Hideko Magara) The emergence of an anti-bourgeois bloc in France (Bruno Amable & Stefano Palombarini) Abenomics and Japanese Politics (Masanobu Ido) Who turned their back on the SPD? Electoral disaffection with the German Social Democratic Party and the Hartz reforms (Baptiste Francon) The Transformation of the Swedish Model since the 1990s: The Political Aspects of Institutional Change (Nanako Fujita ) The EU neoliberal policy regime and main political alternatives (Alberto Martinelli) Political Reformation of Social Coalitions for Elections (Yuki Yanai) Developmental class coalitions: historical experiences and prospects (Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira and Marcus Ianoni Authoritarian Developmentalism, Democratic Neo-liberalism, and Economic Growth in Korea: Economic Growth in Different Policy Regimes (Hyug Baeg Im) Class coalitions in new and consolidated democracies: the case of Brazil (Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira and Marcus Ianon
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