Greek Employment Relations in Crisis

Greek Employment Relations in Crisis

Problems, Challenges and Prospects

Voskeritsian, Horen (Department of Management, Birkbeck College, University of London); Kapotas, Panos (University of Portsmouth, UK); Niforou, Christina (University of Birmingham, UK)

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Introduction Chapter 1: Power, Institutional Change and the Transformation of Greek Employment Relations, Horen Voskeritsian and Andreas Kornelakis Chapter 2: Collective Bargaining Decentralisation and Wage Adjustment for Internal Devaluation, Christos A. Ioannou Chapter 3: Sectoral Returns in the Greek Labour Market over 2002-2016: Dynamics and Determinants, Rebekka Christopoulou and Vassilis Monastiriotis Chapter 4: Firm-Level Bargaining and Wage Adjustments Before and During the Crisis: Evidence from the 2011 Industrial Relations Reform, Nicholas Giannakopoulos and Ioannis Laliotis Chapter 5: Mind the (Twin) Gap: Job Quality in Greece in Comparative Perspective, Michail Veliziotis and Andreas Kornelakis Chapter 6: The Rise of Involuntary Non-Standard Employment in Greece during the Great Economic Depression, Ilias Livanos and Konstantinos Pouliakas Chapter 7: Unemployment Experiences and Coping Strategies of the Unemployed in Crisis-Ridden Greece, Christina Karakioulafis Chapter 8: Too Poor to Leave the Nest? The Greek Family as a Safety Net for Young Adults Before and During the Crisis, Rebekka Christopoulou and Maria Pantalidou Conclusion
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