Glyndwr's Way

Glyndwr's Way

A National Trail through mid-Wales

Dillon, Paddy

Cicerone Press






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Guidebook to walking Glyndwr's Way, a long-distance National Trail through mid-Wales. The 135 mile route from Knighton via Machynlleth to Welshpool takes 9 days to walk, and 2 days (29 miles) to complete the loop down the Offa's Dyke Path to create a circular trail. A lovely trail through quiet hills, forests and rolling countryside.
Overview map Map key Day starts Introduction Owain Glynd?r Geology Landscape Drove roads Wildlife Trees and plants When to walk Getting to and from the route Accommodation Planning your schedule Food and drink Money matters Communications What to pack Waymarking Maps of the route Emergencies Using this guide Glynd?r's Way Day 1 Knighton to Felindre Day 2 Felindre to Abbey-cwm-hir Day 3 Abbey-cwm-hir to Llanidloes Day 4 Llanidloes to Dylife Ascent of Pen Pumlumon Fawr Day 5 Dylife to Machynlleth Day 6 Machynlleth to Llanbrynmair Day 7 Llanbrynmair to Llanwddyn Day 8 Llanwddyn to Meifod Day 9 Meifod to Welshpool Return to Knighton along Offa's Dyke Day 10 Welshpool to Brompton Cross Day 11 Brompton Cross to Knighton Appendix A Route summary table Appendix B Facilities along the route Appendix C Pronunciation guide and topographical glossary Appendix D Useful contacts Appendix E Accommodation along the route
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