Literature in Context

Literature in Context

Kent, Brad (Universite Laval, Quebec)

Cambridge University Press






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Setting George Bernard Shaw's life and work in the dynamic times in which he lived, this collection of forty-two essays on a wide range of themes provides new directions for future research. Contributors reveal the subjects that defined Shaw's life and work, from theatre and music to politics and philosophy.
Preface; A chronology of Shaw's works; Part I. People and Places: 1. Dublin Peter Gahan; 2. The Fabian Society Lauren Arrington; 3. Germany and Austria Peter Conolly-Smith; 4. London Desmond Harding; 5. Oscar Wilde Eibhear Walshe; 6. W. B. Yeats Nicholas Grene; Part II. Theatre: 7. The Abbey Theatre Anthony Roche; 8. Actors and actresses Margot Peters; 9. The Court Theatre Sos Eltis; 10. Fabian drama J. Ellen Gainor; 11. Farcical comedy Kerry Powell; 12. History plays Ellen E. Dolgin; 13. Melodrama Heidi J. Holder; 14. The new drama Jean Chothia; Part III. Writing and the Arts: 15. Cinema John McInerney; 16. Journalism Elizabeth Carolyn Miller; 17. Letters Charles A. Carpenter; 18. Media and technology Lawrence Switzky; 19. Modernism Christopher Innes; 20. Music Alfred Turco, Jr; 21. Novels Richard Farr Dietrich; 22. Publishers and publishing Michel W. Pharand; 23. Visual arts Martin Meisel; Part IV. Politics: 24. Censorship Brad Kent; 25. Empire and nationalism Michael Malouf; 26. Feminism D. A. Hadfield; 27. Irish politics Nelson O'Ceallaigh Ritschel; 28. Socialism James Alexander; 29. Totalitarianism Matthew Yde; 30. War Lagretta Tallent Lenker; Part V. Culture and Society: 31. Celebrity Jonathan Goldman; 32. Education Jean Reynolds; 33. Evolutionary theory John R. Pfeiffer; 34. Health and vegetarianism Christopher Wixson; 35. Language Gustavo A. Rodriguez Martin; 36. Nature Tony J. Stafford; 37. Philosophy David Kornhaber; Part VI. Reception and Afterlife: 38. Reception in London, 1892-1950 J. P. Wearing; 39. Criticism, 1950-2013 A. M. Gibbs; 40. The contemporary North American stage L. W. Conolly; 41. Biography Julie A. Sparks; 42. The Shavian tradition John A. Bertolini.