Gardens of the Alhambra

Gardens of the Alhambra

Domingo-Santos, Dr. Juan; del Mar Villafranca-Jimenez, Dr. Maria

Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd






The Alhambra is one of the world's great gardens. This will be the first comprehensive book on the subject for over 90 years, and will not be superceded for many years to come.
Introduction Timeline and location in the landscape Overview of the Alhambra The relationship between architecture and gardens The influence of agriculture A series of green spaces, developing over time Water in the gardens Planting in the gardens The Generalife Setting in the landscape The Patio de la Acequia The Patio de la Sultana Upper gardens Lower gardens The Paseo de los Cipreses New Gardens and open air theatre Orchards Meadows The Alhambra Setting in the landscape, a sequence of patios The Patio de Arrayanes The Patio de Leones, the Patios de la Reja and de la Higuera El Partal and the Palacio de los Infantes The Patio de Machuca and El Mexuar The Rampart Gardens Woods and other gardens The woods around the Alhambra Other gardens within the complex The new entrance Thematic capsules within the book Floral ornamentation Water sources Water and land Water circulation in the palaces The Patio de los Aljibes and the Plaza de Carlos V Ibn Luyun's treatise on agriculture The royal cemetary The Cuesta del Rey Chico Santa Maria orchard and the Architect's Garden The Generalife olive grove Garden tradition and the cultural landscape The Alhambra Manifesto, modern Spanish architecture and the gardens Carmenes, the traditional gardens of Granada Lorca and the Alhambra
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