Freedom and Dissatisfaction in the Works of Agnes Heller

Freedom and Dissatisfaction in the Works of Agnes Heller

With and against Marx

Ward, Lucy Jane

Lexington Books






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In this book, Lucy Jane Ward argues that although contemporary scholarship tends to divide Agnes Heller's work chronologically in terms of her "Marxist" and subsequent "post-Marxist" periods, a closer reading reveals her work as a continuing engagement both with and against Marx's idea of the human being rich in need.
Introduction: Agnes Heller with and Against Marx Chapter One: The Theory of Need in Marx Chapter Two: Agnes Heller: Marx as Problem and Promise Chapter Three: Heller's Anthropology of Affects and Feelings Chapter Four: Everyday Life and Values Chapter Five: A Theory of Modernity: Dissatisfaction and Critique Chapter Six: A Theory of Rationality Chapter Seven: Political Modernity and the Problem of Justice Chapter Eight: The Good Life Beyond Duty Conclusion: The Good Life and Human Wholeness
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