Fractal Sustainability

Fractal Sustainability

A systems approach to organizational change

Loura, Isabel Canto de; Dickinson, Robin

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Foreword by Professor Tim O'Riordan Preface Acknowledgments Opening remarks Behind the scenes Novel contribution Expected Impact Structure of the book PART I: Principles and Challenges 1. The Principles 2. The Challenges Part II: The Framework 3. The Fractal Sustainability Set (FSS) 4. The Multi-fractal Sustainability Indicator (MfSI) 5. Some qualitative notes on Chaos and Fractals PART III: Applying the FS Framework 6. Systems Thinking and Social Network Analysis 7. Benchmarking the Fractal Sustainability framework (FSf) 8. Applying the Fractal Sustainability framework (FSf) References REVIEWS