Foundations of Software Engineering

Foundations of Software Engineering

Prasad, Bhanu (Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, USA); Ahmed, Ashfaque (SCM Consulting, Bhilai, Chattisgarh, India)

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Introduction to Software Engineering Introduction Components of a Computer Building the Software Products What Is Software Engineering? Why Software Engineering? Challenges in Software Engineering Project Management and Software Engineering Costs Involved in Software Development Methodologies Used for Software Development Some Careers in Software Engineering Software Industry Size Code of Ethics Book Organization Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Software Engineering Methodologies Introduction Why a Methodology? Agile Methodologies Waterfall Model Rational Unified Process Spiral Model Incremental Iteration Model eXtreme Programming Scrum Methodology for Implementing SaaS Products Methodology for Implementing COTS Products A Discussion on the Usage of Software Development Models Popular Process Standards Process Standards and Software Engineering Methodologies Software Process Activities Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Feasibility Study Introduction Feasibility Study for Software Projects Finding the Economic Feasibility of Requirements Finding the Technical Feasibility of Requirements Prototyping Pilot Projects Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Software Requirement Specifications Introduction Software Engineering Methodologies and Requirement Management Implementation of the Requirements 6 Requirement Types Sources of Requirements Categories of Users Software Requirement Life Cycle Requirement Gathering (Elicitation) Requirement Analysis Requirement Specification Requirement Management Case Study Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Software High-Level Design and Modeling Introduction Methodology Used How to Reduce Complexity in Software Design Logical Design for Software Architecture Architecture Design Patterns Client-Server Architecture Web-Based Architecture Service-Oriented Architecture Software Component Design Fundamentals Component Diagrams Data Flow Diagram Software Design Patterns Programming Language Considerations Types of Programming Languages: A Brief Review Security Performance Case Study Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Software User Interface Design and Construction Introduction Graphical User Interface Graphic Control Elements Hyper Text Markup Language Cascading Style Sheets Client-Side Scripting Asynchronous JavaScript and XML Simple (Model-View) User Interface Model-View-Controller Case Study Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Software Middle Layer Design and Construction Introduction Software Design and Implementation and Software Engineering Methodology Procedural Programming: A Brief Introduction Object-Oriented Programming Basics of Programming Languages Variables and Variable Types Operators Decision Trees and Loops Methods Classes Objects and Object-Oriented Programming Packages Database Programming Model-View-Controller Revisited Refactoring Client-Side and Server-Side Scripts Debugging Case Study Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Database Design and Construction Introduction Databases and Software Engineering Methodologies Database Types Database Languages Database Entities Database Design Database Management Systems Object Relational Databases Case Study Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Software Testing (Verification and Validation) Introduction Software Testing and Software Engineering Methodologies Introduction to Different Types of Software Testing Introduction to Verification and Validation Introduction to Levels of Software Testing (Validation) Verification Unit Testing Integration Testing System Testing User Acceptance Testing Other Important Tests Test Case Design Test Preparation Test Life Cycle Case Study Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Software Release Introduction Software Release and Software Engineering Methodology Integration Documentation Release Cycles User Training Deployment Software Migration Strategies Software Product Release Checklist Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Software Maintenance Introduction Software Maintenance and Software Engineering Methodology Production Environment Maintenance Production Environment Monitoring Maintenance Process Types of Software Maintenance Software Maintenance Strategies Reverse Engineering Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Configuration and Version Management Introduction Configuration Management and Version Control Concepts CVS Systems Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Software Project Management Introduction Project Management and Software Engineering Methodologies Project Planning Project Monitoring and Controlling Project Team Management Project Customer Management Supplier Management Chapter Summary Recommended Reading Appendix: Answers to Questions Index
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