Flip and Fuse Quilts

Flip and Fuse Quilts

12 Fun Projects - Easy Foolproof Technique - Transform Your Applique!

Harmening, Marcia

C & T Publishing






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Sew 12 complex-looking quilts with precision, sharp lines, and easy curves.
Acknowledgments Introduction The Wonderful World of "Flip & Fuse" Applique Two Fusible Product Options/Tools for Turning Projects: 1. Petal Patch 2. Summer Breeze 3. Blooming Hexagons 4. Circle Burst 5. The Watering Hole 6. Splash 7. Wagon Wheels plus Wagon Wheels wallhanging 8. Hoppy 9. Lemon Drops 10. Coral Blossoms 11. Crossroads 12. Snowflake Wallhanging Meet the Author Resources
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