Fair Development in China

Fair Development in China

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Section I Overview.- Ch 1 From Equality to Fairness.- Ch 2 Four-wheel Driven Governance.- Section II Individual Perspective.- Ch 3 Fair Values and Social Psychology Construction.- Ch 4 Family Life Style and Individual Circle.- Ch 5 Civil Needs and Fair Development.- Ch 6 Co-creating Ecological Values, Green Index for Individuals and Families.- Section III Organizational Perspective.- Ch 7 Corporate Social Responsibility.- Ch 8 Fairness-oriented Green Marketing.- Ch 9 Social Enterprises.- Ch 10 Interaction between Firms and Consumers.- Ch 11 Fairness Governance and Action in Inter-firm Organizations.- Section IV Government Perspective.- Ch 12 Governance and Transparency.- Ch 13 Balance Equity and Efficiency in Economic and Social Plan.- Ch 14 Public Investment.- Ch 15 Move from Manufacturing to Services, from Materialism to Virtual Consumption.- Section V Social Perspective.- Ch 16 Social Structure and Interactivities of Social Classes.- Ch 17 Fairness and Social Evolution.- Ch 18 Virtual Social Network.- Ch 19 Social Welfare.- Section VI Internationalization of Fair Development.- Ch 20 International Influences on Fair Development in China.- Ch 21 Fairness of Chinese Firms in Global Market.- Ch 22 Fairness of MNCs in China.- Section VII Conclusion.- Ch 23 Measure Fair development.- Ch 24 Balance Current and Future Social Development in Multi-Dimensions.- Ch 25 Fair Development Framework for Actions.
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