Experiencing Drama in the English Renaissance

Experiencing Drama in the English Renaissance

Readers and Audiences

Yamada, Akihiro

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Preface Tables, Figures and Acknowledgments Works Cited and Abbreviations Introduction to Shakespeare and the Population of London PART ONE: Authors/Playwrights, Readers and Theatre-goers: Their Mutual Interactions Chapter 1: The Formation of a Class of Readers Chapter 2: The Improvement of Literacy and its Reflection in Drama Chapter 3: The Rise of Drama and the Birth of a Class of Readers of Drama PART TWO: Playwrights, Playbook Readers and Printers/Publishers: Their Increasing Cooperation for the Unification of Forms of Dramatic Texts Chapter 4: Changes in Form of Dramatic Texts: A Standardization PART THREE: Playbook Readers and their Responses to the Text Chapter 5: Readers of Drama-their Annotations (1): Play-Quartos of Chapman, Ford and Marston Chapter 6: Readers of Drama-their Annotations (2): Play-Quartos and the First Folio of Shakespeare Conclusion: The Zeal of Audiences and the Passion of Readers Appendixes A1: The Estimated Population of London: A Comparison between Yamada and Sutherland A2: The Distribution Ratio of Minors' Age-structure of the British Population in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries A3: Principles for Table 8 concerning Plays which contain Scenes of, or References to, Reading and/or Writing-a Memorandum A4: Shakespeare's Plays: Their Dates and Proposers of Dates, &c. A5: Play-Quartos Published in the 1590s A6: A List of Play-Quartos Examined A List of Plays and Other Works mentioned with the Authors' Names Index
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