What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters


Columbia University Press






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Foreword: Why People Do Not Accept Evolution To the Reader: Is Evolution a Threat to Your Religious Beliefs? Prologue: Fossils and Evolution Preface to the Second Edition Acknowledgments Part I: Evolution and the Fossil Record 1. The Nature of Science 2. Science and Creationism 3. The Fossil Record 4. The Evolution of Evolution 5. Systematics and Evolution Part II: Evolution? The Fossils say YES! 6. Life's Origins 7. Cambrian "Explosion"-or Slow Fuse? 8. Spineless Wonders of Evolution 9. Fish Tales 10. Fish Out of Water 11. Onto the Land and Back to the Sea: The Amniotes 12. Dinosaurs Evolve-and Fly 13. Mammalian Explosion 14. Bossies and Blowholes 15. The Ape's Reflection? 16. Why Does It Matter? Bibliography Index
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