Evangelicals and Catholics Together at Twenty

Evangelicals and Catholics Together at Twenty

Vital Statements on Contested Topics

Weigel, George; George, Timothy; Guarino, Thomas G.

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A one-volume guide to the key accomplishments of the groundbreaking, ongoing dialogue conducted by Evangelicals and Catholics Together.
Contents Preface by J. I. Packer Preface by Timothy Cardinal Dolan Foreword by George Weigel A Theological Introduction by Timothy George and Thomas G. Guarino 1. Unity Introduction by Timothy George Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium (1994) 2. Justification Introduction by Thomas C. Oden The Gift of Salvation (1997) 3. Scripture Introduction by Thomas G. Guarino Your Word Is Truth (2002) 4. Saints Introduction by Robert Louis Wilken The Communion of Saints (2003) 5. Holiness Introduction by Cheryl Bridges Johns The Call to Holiness (2005) 6. Pro-Life Introduction by R. R. Reno That They May Have Life (2006) 7. Mary Introduction by Dale M. Coulter Do Whatever He Tells You: The Blessed Virgin Mary in Christian Faith and Life (2009) 8. Freedom Introduction by George Weigel In Defense of Religious Freedom (2012) 9. Marriage Introduction by Timothy George and Thomas G. Guarino The Two Shall Become One Flesh: Reclaiming Marriage (2015) Epilogue by R. R. Reno and Kevin J. Vanhoozer Appendix: Signers of the Documents Index
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