Ethics and Medical Decision-Making

Ethics and Medical Decision-Making

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Contents: What is Bioethics?: Ethical and clinical research, Henry K. Beecher; Medical ethics and etiquette in the early Middle Ages: the persistence of Hippocratic ideals, Loren C. MacKinney. Bioethics and the Law: Bioethics and law: a developmental perspective, Wibren van der Burg. Bioethics and Religion: Religion and the secularization of bioethics, Daniel Callahan; Religion and moral meaning in bioethics, Courtney S. Campbell; Can theology have a role in 'public' bioethical discourse, Lisa Sowle Cahill; Bioethics and the contemporary Jewish community, David Novak; What can religion offer bioethics?, James P. Wind. The Principle-Based Approach: Principles and particularity: the roles of cases in bioethics, John D. Arras; Moving forward in bioethical theory: theories, cases and specified principlism, David DeGrazia; Specifying norms as a way to resolve concrete ethical problems, Henry S. Richardson; The tyranny of principles, Stephen Toulmin; A critique of principlism, K. Danner Clouser and Bernard Gert. The Absolute Rule Approach: Medalist's address: action, intention and 'double effect' G.E.M. Anscombe; Who is entitled to double effect?, Joseph Boyle; Moral absolutism and the double effect exception: reflections on Joseph Boyle's 'Who is entitled to double effect?', Alan Donegan. Utilitarianism and Bioethics: Consequentialism, reasons, value and justice, Julian Savulescu; Justice and equal opportunities in health care, John Harris. Virtue Ethics: Varieties of virtue ethics, Justin Oakley; Euthanasia, Philippa Foot; Virtue theory and abortion, Rosalind Hursthouse; Methods of bioethics: some defective proposals, R.M. Hare. The Ethics of Care: 2 perspectives on self, relationships and morality, Nona Plessner Lyons; The role of caring in a theory of nursing ethics, Sara T. Fry; Clinical ethics and nursing: 'yes' to caring but 'no' to a female ethics of care, Helga Kuhse. The Case Approach: Getting down to cases: the revival of casuistry in bioethics, John D. Arras; Casuistry: an alternative or complement to principles?, Albert R. Jonsen; The priesthood of bioethics and the return of casuistry, Kevin Wm. Wildes. Cultural Diversity and Bioethics: Can ethnography save the life of medical ethics?, Barry Hoffmaster; Intersections of Western biomedical ethics and world culture: problematic and possibility, Edmund D. Pellegrino; Judging the other - responding to traditional female genital surgeries, Sandra D. Lane and Robert A. Rubinstein. Sociology and Medical Ethics: The contributions of sociology to medical ethics, Robert Zussman; Moral teaching from an unexpected quarter: lessons for bioethics from the social sciences and managed care, James Lindemann Nelson; Name index.
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