Essays on Life, Science and Society

Essays on Life, Science and Society

The World through the Eyes of a Life Scientist

Akula, Shaw M.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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The book covers a broad range of topics, including common questions with complex answers intermixed with some religion and humor, making it a great read to give your brain cells a boost. The field of Science is massive - in fact, it's the size of the universe, which means picking just a few topics to discuss is no mean feat.
Preface: written by Dr. Adrian Reber Chapter 1: Understanding Order in the disorder Chapter 2: Einstein's theory of relativity borrowed from the spice rack of Hinduism? Chapter 3: Flu or a bug? Chapter 4: Why I chose evolution over religion! Chapter 5: It is mi(y) RNA! Chapter 6: A morons footnote to controlling human brain Chapter 7: An insiders' view! Chapter 8: Down the Line
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