Essays on Employer Engagement in Education

Essays on Employer Engagement in Education

Mann, Anthony; Kashefpakdel, Elnaz (Education and Employers Taskforce, UK); Huddleston, Prue (University of Warwick, UK)

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Preface Andreas Schleicher Introduction Anthony Mann 1. Employers at the heart of the system?' The role of employers in qualification development Prue Huddleston and Andrea Laczik 2. Investigating how benefits of an industry-school partnership vary between industry sectors. Kerry Lee, Fatima Abdulghani and John Hope 3. Who is getting prepared? Year 11 students' views on careers education and work experience in English secondary schools Julie Moote and Louise Archer 4. Competences, Capabilities and Capitals: conceptual paradigms in the educational-employment relationship Michael Tomlinson 5. Socialised social capital? The capacity of schools to use careers provision to compensate for social capital deficiencies among teenagers Anthony Mann, Elnaz T. Kashefpakdel and Christian Percy 6. Tell it like it is: Education and employer engagement, freelance and self-employment Prue Huddleston and Heidi Ashton 7. Selling the dream': stakeholder perceptions of the translation of employability policy into university strategy. Roy Priest 8. "My brother's football team mate's dad was a pathologist": serendipity and employer engagement in medical careers Steven Jones, Anthony Mann, Elnaz T. Kashefpakdel and Rachael McKeown 9. Someone in your life who really believes in you - Evidence and practice in employer mentoring Tristram Hooley and Jonathan Boys 10. Aligning school to work: Assessing the impact of employer engagement in young people's transitions from education to work Terence Hogarth and Lynn Gambin 11. Ethnographies of Work and Possible Futures: New ways for young people to learn about work, and choose a meaningful first career Nancy Hoffman and Mary Gatta 12. What impact can employer engagement have on student attitudes towards school and their academic achievement? An analysis of OECD PISA Data Elnaz T. Kashefpakdel, Jordan Rehill and Matteo Schleicher 13. Young people in the labour market: how teenage employer engagement makes a difference to adult outcomes Elnaz T. Kashefpakdel, Anthony Mann, Rachael McKeown, Jordan Rehill, and Prue Huddleston 14. Insiders or outsiders, who do you trust? Engaging employers in school-based career activities Christian Percy and Elnaz T. Kashefpakdel 15. Between two worlds: linking education and employment Simon Field Conclusion Prue Huddleston
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