Enterprise as a Carrier of Culture

Enterprise as a Carrier of Culture

An Anthropological Approach to Business Administration

Sumihara, Noriya; Hioki, Koichiro; Mitsui, Izumi; Nakamaki, Hirochika

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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This book expands anthropological studies of business enterprise to include comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives.
Part I. Religiosity, Spirituality, and Business.- Chapter 1. Corporate Society, the Foundation of Order, and "Quaker Codes".- Chapter 2. Management of Miracles and Pilgrimage: A Comparative Study of Votive Offering in Europe and Japan.- Chapter 3. Spiritual Leadership: Background, Theory and Application to Japanese Business Leaders.- Part II. Exhibition, Performance, and Inducement.- Chapter 4. How the "Anomaly" of Nuclear Power Plants Has Been Explained Before and After the 3.11 Disaster in Japan and England.- Chapter 5. Modeling Museums: The Management Culture of Family Porcelain in England.- Chapter 6. An Orchestral Myth: Maestros are Born, and Made.- Part III. History, Story, and Industry.- Chapter 7. Museum and Visitor Center in England: Schism and Conflict over Globalization.- Chapter 8. Brewing Heritage: Issues in the Management of Corporate Heritage in the Brewing Industry in Britain.- Chapter 9. Islay, a Very Tasty Idea: Inventing, Embedding and Selling History in the Contemporary Scotch Whisky Industry.- Chapter 10. One History, Two Narratives: The Corporate Myths of Japanese Whisky Companies.
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