Entangled Heritages

Entangled Heritages

Postcolonial Perspectives on the Uses of the Past in Latin America

Kaltmeier, Prof, Dr. Olaf; Rufer, Mario

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Introduction: The Uses of Heritage and the Post-Colonial Condition in Latin America Olaf Kaltmeier & Mario Rufer 1. On the Advantage and Disadvantage of Heritage for Latin America. Heritage Politics and Nostalgia between Coloniality and Indigeneity Olaf Kaltmeier 2!Mexicanos al grito de guerra! How the Himno Nacional became part of Mexico's Heritage Sarah Corona Berkin 3.Making Heritage. The Materialization of the State and the Expediency of Music. The Case of Cuarteto Caracteristico in Cordoba, Argentina Gustavo Blazquez 4. Is Spanish our Language? Alfonso Reyes and the Policies of Language in Post-Revolutionary Mexico Maria del Carmen de la Peza 5. Cultural Management and Neoliberal Governamentality. The Participation of Peru in the Exhibition Inca. Kings of the Andes Gisela Canepa 6. Commemorate, Consecrate, Demolish. Thoughts about the Mexican Museum of Anthropology and its History Frida Gorbach 7. Going Back to the Past or Coming Back from the Past? Governmental Policies and Uses of the Past in a Ranquel Community in San Luis, Argentina Maria Celina Chocobare 8. Unearthing Patrimonio: Treasure and Collectivity in San Miguel Coatlinchan Sandra Rozental 9. Processes of Heritagization of Indigenous Cultural Manifestations: Lines of Debate, Analytic Axes, and Methodological Approaches Carolina Crespo 10. The Ambivalence of Tradition: Heritage, Time, and Violence in Postcolonial Contexts Mario Rufer