Enlightened Reform in Southern Europe and its Atlantic Colonies, c. 1750-1830

Enlightened Reform in Southern Europe and its Atlantic Colonies, c. 1750-1830

Paquette, Gabriel

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Contents: Introduction: Enlightened reform in Southern Europe and its Atlantic colonies in the long 18th century, Gabriel Paquette; Part I Southern Europe and Its Atlantic Colonies c.1750-1830: an Overview: Enlightenment, reform and monarchy in Italy, John Robertson; 'Enlightened reform' in the Spanish empire: an overview, Jorge CaA+/-izares-Esguerra; Enlightenment and reform in France and the French Atlantic, Emma Rothschild; Enlightened reform in Portugal and Brazil, Francisco Bethencourt. Part II The Rise of Public Political Culture: the Efflorescence of Civil Society and its Connection to State Reform: Rethinking enlightened reform in a French context, John Shovlin; Searching for a 'middle class'? Francesco Mario Pagano and the public for reform in late 18th-century Naples, Melissa Calaresu; The Spanish monarchy and the uses of Jesuit historiography in the 'dispute of the New World', VA-ctor Peralta Ruiz; Conceiving Central America: a Bourbon public in the Gazeta de Guatemala (1797-1807), Jordana Dym; Montesquieu's Persian Letters and reading practices in the Luso-Brazilian world (1750-1802), Luiz Carlos Villalta. Part III The State as an Incubator of Enlightenment and an Engine of Reform: In the house of reform: the Bourbon court of 18th-century Spain, Charles C. Noel; 'Legal despotism' and enlightened reform in the AZles du Vent: the colonial governments of Chevalier de Mirabeau and Mercier de la Riviere, 1754-1764, Pernille RAge ; The coming of enlightened reform in Bourbon Peru: secularization of the Doctrinas de Indios 1746-1773, Kenneth J. Andrien; The Savoyard state: another enlightened despotism?, Christopher Storrs; Derecho Indiano vs. the Bourbon reforms: the legal philosophy of Francisco Xavier de Gamboa, Christopher Peter Albi. Part IV Political Economy and the Reform of Society and the State: The Sultan's republic: jealousy of trade and oriental despotism in Paolo Mattia Doria, Sophus A. Reinert; Observing the neighbours: fiscal reform and