Enjoy Our Universe

Enjoy Our Universe

You Have No Other Choice

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1: Preface 2: Physics as an art form 3: Science as a sport 4: The bothersome question of units 5: The scientific method 6: The three relativities 7: A first fast visit to the universe 8: More on the fundamental forces and their 'carriers' 9: Everything, so far 10: A parenthesis on quantum mechanics 11: Understanding relativity and quantum mechanics 12: Spin, statistics, supernovae, neutron stars and black holes 13: Parallel realms 14: A parenthesis on relativistic R2QFTs 15: The unification of forces 16: A parenthesis: Is basic science useful? 17: Back to twins 18: Some instruments of macro-physics 19: The discovery of gravitational wave emission 20: The direct detection of gravitational waves 21: Some instruments of micro-physics 22: The LHC and its detectors 23: The 'Higgs' boson, and its field in the 'vacuum' 24: Today's Standard Models of particles and gravity 25: The expansion of the Universe 26: Finding cosmic fossils 27: Where is the Cosmic Antimatter? 28: More on the Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR) 29: Problems with the 'old' Big Bang Cosmology 30: Inflation 31: Limitations and peculiarities of the fundamental interactions 32: The discreet symmetries of the fundamental interactions 33: Dark Matter 34: The origin of structures 35: The fate of the Universe 36: Back to the ether? 37: The crash 38: In spite of our admitted ignorance