Engaging Violence

Engaging Violence

Trauma, memory and representation

Macek, Ivana

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction: Engaging Violence: Trauma, Self-Reflection, and Knowledge Ivana Macek 1. To Work with the History of the Holocaust Deborah Dwork 2. Life in the Trenches: Hope in the Midst of Human Tragedy Ervin Staub 3. "Sometimes I just don't want to go on...": Navigating Personal and Collective Time and Space in Researching and Remembering Genocides Stephane Bruchfeld 4. Identity and Mutability in Family Stories about the Third Reich Katherine Bischoping 5. The Question of Legitimacy in Studying Collective Trauma Johanna Ray Vollhardt 6. Intersectional Traumatization: The Psychological Impact of Researching Genocidal Violence in Researchers Giorgia Dona 7. Conducting Fieldwork in Rwanda: Listening and Processing Experiences of Genocide Anne Kubai 8. Research under Duress: Resonance and Distance in Ethnographic Fieldwork Nerina Weiss 9. Making Involuntary Choices, Imagining Genocide, Recovering Trust Ivana Macek 10. Personal and Research Related Links to Trauma Suzanne Kaplan 11. Vicarious Traumatization in Mass Political Violence Researchers: Origins and Antidotes Laurie Anne Pearlman
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