Engaging Asia

Engaging Asia

Essays on Laos and Beyond in Honour of Martin Stuart-Fox

Goldston, Desley

NIAS Press






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This is more than a hagiography, however. Its chapters on Laos especially make significant contributions to their field. Engaging Asia is thus a volume that will stimulate and satisfy, while also honouring a scholar whose unusual career took him from marine biologist to war correspondent to respected scholar of Southeast Asian politics and history.
Introduction (Desley Goldston) * Contributors * 1. Martin Stuart-Fox: Evolution of a Worldview (Jessica Harriden) * 2. On Writing Volume One of The History of Laos (Souneth Phothisane) * 3. The Half Millennium Quandary: Establishing the Ayutthaya-Lan Xang Frontier 1357-1827 (Pheuiphanh and Mayoury Ngaosrivathana) * 4. The La Grandiere, 1894-1910: A French Naval Presence on the Upper Mekong (Kennon Breazeale) * 5. The Birth of French Research into the Prehistory of Laos (Lia Genovese) * 6. Nurse Khamphanh and His Dead Horse: The Practice of Biomedical Science in Early Twentieth Century Laos (Kathryn Sweet) * 7. The Invention of French Laos (Geoffrey Gunn) * 8. Laos in the 60s (Tim Page) * 9. The Lao Long of Cambodia: Ethnic Lao in the Cambodian Revolutions (Martin Rathie) * 10. Marxist Leninist Ideology Drove the Lao Revolution (Desley Goldston) * 11. Mobilizing Hearts and Minds: Reconciliation Politics in Laos (Soulatha Sayalath) * 12. Photographing Laos (Steve Northup) * 13. The Ethno-Religious Identity of the Tai People in Sipsong Panna and Its Resurgence in Recent Manuscripts (Volker Grabowsky) * 14. An Embassy from Banten at the Court of Charles II (Sarah Tiffin) * 15. Tonkinese Migrant Labour in Cambodia: A Coolie History (Margaret Slocomb) * 16. Decentralization in Vietnam: Resolving Central-Provincial Relations (Timothy McGrath) * 17. What is the First jhana? The Central Question in Buddhist Meditation Theory (Roderick S. Bucknell) * 18. Biological and Cultural Evolution: A Proper Analogy (Juan Ramon Alvarez) * Afterword (Martin Stuart-Fox ) * Publications of Martin Stuart-Fox * Index
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