Enfleshing Theology

Enfleshing Theology

Embodiment, Discipleship, and Politics in the Work of M. Shawn Copeland

Saracino, Michele; Copeland, M. Shawn; Saracino, Michele; Rivera, Robert J.

Rowman & Littlefield






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Enfleshing Theology examines the groundbreaking work of M. Shawn Copeland, particularly its implications for questions of embodiment, discipleship, and politics. Including a brief introduction, an interview, seventeen essays, and a selected bibliography, this volume highlights the intersectional theological nature of Copeland's work.
Introduction by Michele Saracino An Interview with M. Shawn Copeland, with Robert Rivera and Michele Saracino Part 1: Engaging Embodiment 1. "A Body of Broken Bones": Shawn Copeland and the New Anthropological Subject - Roberto S. Goizueta 2. "Today a Black [Wo]man Was Lynched:" A Womanist Christology of Sandra Bland - Eboni Marshall Turman 3. Mapping Methodological Directions for Womanist Scholarship - Katie G. Cannon 4. Learning to Enflesh Freedom: Returning to the Clearing - Laurie Cassidy 5. Black Eucharist: Practical Discipleship for the Human Race - Susan Abraham 6. Black Lives Matter as Enfleshed Theology - Stephen G. Ray Jr. Part 2: Engaging Discipleship 7. "Enacted Discipleship" as Christian Anthropology - Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM 8. Standing at the Foot of the Cross - Nancy Pineda-Madrid 9. Enfleshing Freedom: A Christological Focus on Discipleship in Light of the Crucified Jesus and Black Bodies - Shawnee M. Daniels-Sykes 10. Zora Neale Hurston's Moses, Man of the Mountain and Biblical Studies - Deirdre Dempsey 11. To Be a Thinking Margin: Reframing Christian Intellectual Life - Willie James Jennings Part 3: Engaging the Political 12. The Significance and Singularity of M. Shawn Copeland's Methodology - Susan L. Gray 13. God's Image Revealed in Authentic Living: Mutual Enrichment through the Drama of Theological Education across Cultures - Kathleen Williams, RSM 14. White Supremacy and Christian Theology - Karen Teel 15. The Dark Night(s) of Malcolm X: Apophatic Mysticism and African American Spirituality - Bryan N. Massingale 16. Disturbing the Aesthetics of Race: M. Shawn Copeland and the Justice of Beauty - Maureen O'Connell 17. Drawing Close to Bodily Pain and Grace: Copeland, Social Sin, and Solidarity's Incarnational Imperative - Christine Firer Hinze Selected Bibliography of M. Shawn Copeland
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