Endotherapy in Biliopancreatic Diseases: ERCP Meets EUS

Endotherapy in Biliopancreatic Diseases: ERCP Meets EUS

Two Techniques for One Vision

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Part 1 Section I - ERCP and EUS: armamentarium and surroundings 1 ERCP/ERCP Room 2 X-rays in endoscopy 3 ULTRASOUND EQUIPMENTS 4 ENDOSCOPES 5 ERCP standard and special devices 6 EUS STANDARD DEVICES 7 Deep sedation and anesthesia for advanced gastrointestinal endoscopy: challenging a continuum 8 ANATOMY OF THE BILIARY TREE 9 Anatomy of the pancreas 10 CT: what we need to know to start to interpret radiological pictures 11 MR: what we need to know to start to interpret radiological pictures 12 Patients management before and after EUS/ERCP Part 2 Section II - ERCP: WHAT and HOW 13 Cannulation techniques 14 Biliary sphincterotomy and precut 15 Pancreatic Sphincterotomy 16 BILIARY STONES EXTRACTION 17 Intraductal lithotripsy 18 Biliary and Pancreatic ESWL 19 BILIARY STENTING 20 Endoscopic Papillectomy 21 Ductoscopy 22 Intraductal Ablation Techniques 23 Stent Removal (plastic and metal) 24 ERCP in altered anatomy 25 PTC and PTC-ERCP rendez-vous procedures Part 3 Section III - EUS: WHAT and HOW 26 EUS Diagnostic Puncture 27 ANCILLARY DIAGNOSTIC TECHNIQUES IN EUS 28 EUS-GUIDED TRANSENTERIC PANCREATIC DUCT DRAINAGE 29 EUS ASSISTED ABLATION TECHNIQUES 30 Intraductal US Part 4 Section IV - Complications: prevention, diagnosis and management 31 Acute pancreatitis 32 Bleeding 33 ERCP-related perforations 34 Miscellany 35 EUS complications Part 5 Section V - Bilio-pancreatic diseases: clinical results 36 Common bile duct stones 37 Intrahepatic stones 38 Acute Cholangitis 39 Papillectomy: clinical results 40 TIPS in Malignant Biliary Strictures 41 RESULTS OF EUS TRANSMURAL BILIARY DRAINAGE 42 POST-OPERATIVE BILIARY STRICTURE 43 Biliary complications after liver transplantation 44 Biliary Leaks: Role of ERCP in post-operative biliary complications 45 Primary sclerosing cholangitis 46 Acute cholecystitis 47 Acute biliary pancreatitis 48 Chronic Pancreatitis 49 Pancreatic Fistulas Part 6 Section VI - The cytopathologist's point of view 50 EUS Tissue sampling : what are we talking about? 51 MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF BILIOPANCREATIC LESIONS Part 7 Section VII - Clinical Algorithms 52 Suspected common bile duct stones (algorithm) 53 Acute Cholangitis (algorithm) 54 Diagnosis of etiology in acute pancreatitis 55 Periampullary biliary strictures (algorithm) 56 Hilar Strictures: Algorithm 57 Diagnosis of pancreatic cyst: Algorithm
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