Emerging Conceptions of Work, Management and the Labor Market

Emerging Conceptions of Work, Management and the Labor Market

Vallas, Steven

Emerald Publishing Limited






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Economic institutions are undergoing radical transformations, and with these has come a reconfiguration of labor market institutions, managerial conceptions of work, and the nature of authority and control over employees as well. This volume addresses a wide array of questions to better understand these dramatic changes.
Introduction: Emerging Conceptions of Work, Management, and The Labor Market; Steven Vallas Chapter 1. Linkedin or Linkedout? How Social Networking Sites are Reshaping The Labor Market; Ofer Sharone Chapter 2. Dealing with Downsizing: New Organizational Careers in Financial Services after The Great Recession; Corey Pech Chapter 3. Neo-Normative Control And Value Discretion In Interactive Service Work: A Case Study; Sarah Jenkins and Rick Delbridge Chapter 4. Engineering Medicine: The Deployment of Lean Production in Healthcare; Will Attwood and Sara Babb Chapter 5. Doing More with Less: Intensive Care and the Logic of Flexible Teamwork; Jason Rodriquez Chapter 6. Race, Recession, and Social Closure in the Low-Wage Labor Market: Experimental and Observational Evidence; Michael Vuolo, Christopher Uggen and Sarah Lageson Chapter 7. Workforce Downsizing and Shareholder Value Orientation among Executive Managers at Large U.S. Firms; Taekjin Shin
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