Eighteenth-Century Brechtians

Eighteenth-Century Brechtians

Theatrical Satire in the Age of Walpole

Schechter, Joel

University of Exeter Press






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Eighteenth-Century Brechtians is a collection of essays by a well-known author on comic and radical political theatre. It looks at stage satires by John Gay, Henry Fielding, George Farquhar, Charlotte Charke, David Garrick and their contemporaries through the lens of Brecht's theory and practice. 15 b&w illustrations.
The Cast of Brechtians in Order of Appearance List of Illustrations Foreword by Peter Thomson Introduction Eighteenth-Century Brechtians Cross-Dressing Soldiers and Anti-Militarist Rakes Polly Peachum and the New Naivete Pirates and Polly: A Lost Messingkauf Dialogue The Duchess of Queensberry Becomes Polly Peachum Macheath Our Contemporary Swift in Hollywood: Another Messingkauf Dialogue Swift's Polite Conversation with Falstaff Henry Fielding, Brechtian Before Brecht Fielding's London Merchant, and Lillo's Literarization of Fielding's Plays Tom Thumb Jones, Child Actress A World on Fire Fielding's Cibber Letters: Counterfeit Wit, Scurrility and Cartels Bertolt Brecht Writes The Beggar's Opera, Fielding Rewrites Polly Stage Mutineers Charlotte Charke's Tit for Tat; or Comedy and Tragedy at War: A Lost Play Recovered? Mrs Charke Escapes Hanging Garrick and Swift's School for Scandal-With a Digression on Yoko Ono Brecht Praises Garrick's Hamlet A Portrait of the Artists as Beggar's Opera Disciples-Including David Garrick, Epic Actor Walpole in America The Future of Eighteenth-Century Brechtiana: Polly Exonerated Conclusion: The Future Promise of an Earlier Age Eighteenth-Century Brechtians: A Timetable of Events Bibliography Index
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