Egalitarian Moments: From Descartes to Ranciere

Egalitarian Moments: From Descartes to Ranciere

Shaw, Devin Zane (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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Acknowledgements Introduction: Philosophy and Equality Part I: Subjectivity Chapter 1: The Good Sense' of Cartesian Egalitarianism 1.1. a history or, if you prefer, a fable' 1.2. Descartes's Egalitarianism and the Problem of Separation 1.3. The Rationality of a Wrong 1.4. Woman as Other, Woman as Subject 1.5. Toward Collective Egalitarianism Chapter 2: The Nothingness of Equality: Ranciere's Sartrean Existentialism' 2.1. Marked By Sartrean Existentialism 2.2. The Politics of Equality 2.3. Between the Practico-inert and the Party 2.4. Subjects of Contingency 2.5. The Politics of Impossible Identification Part II: Aesthetics Chapter 3: Modernity, Modernism, and Aesthetic Equality 3.1. Disagreement and Misunderstanding 3.2. From Mimesis to Aesthetics 3.2.1. Breaking with Mimetic Norms 3.2.2. Mute Speech and Literary Equality 3.3. Artistic Autonomy and Sociology in Greenberg 3.4. Benjamin's Archaeomodernism' 3.4.1. The Politics of Art and Technology 3.4.2. Archaeomodernism and Metapolitics 3.5. Fragmentary Emancipation, Common Sense, and Aesthetic Equality Chapter 4: Aesthetics, Inaesthetics, and the Platonist Regime of Art 4.1. The Return from Exile 4.2. Between Aesthetics and Inaesthetics 4.3. Between Aesthetic Education and the Absolute 4.3.1. Aesthetic Emancipation and Policing 4.3.2. Schiller's Aesthetic Freedom 4.3.3. Schelling on Artistic Production and Practical Reason 4.4. Monuments and Micropolitics 4.5. Heterotopias: One World Divides Into Two Conclusion: The Politics of Aisthesis Bibliography
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