Education Law Handbook

Education Law Handbook

Eddy, Katherine; Greatorex, Paul; Stout, Holly

Jordan Publishing Ltd






The Education Law Handbook is a comprehensive textbook for legal practitioners covering all areas of education law from pre-school to university. It has been written by a team of specialist education law barristers at 11KBW in London, the leading education law Chambers in the country.
Introduction and overview Part I - Pre-compulsory school age Overview Applicability of matters in Part II, Section 2 Part II - Compulsory school age Overview Section 1: Types of schools Maintained schools Academies Independent schools Miscellaneous Section 2: General Establishing, reorganising and discontinuing schools School transport School attendance Examinations Special educational needs Discrimination and human rights Teachers and other adults in the school system Negligence and contractual liability Part III - Post-16 provision: sixth form and further education Overview Applicability of matters in Part II, Section 2 Part IV - Higher education Overview Staff Students Complaints and Challenges
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