Educating for Creativity within Higher Education

Educating for Creativity within Higher Education

Integration of Research into Media Practice

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Chapter 1. Setting the SceneChapter 2. Deep Background to the ProjectChapter 3. The Evolution of a Psychology of CreativityChapter 4. Towards a Sociology of CreativityChapter 5. Confluence Approaches and the Systems Model of CreativityChapter 6. Creativity, Education and the Systems ApproachChapter 7. Developing Curriculum and Courses Using Systems Centred Learning (SCL).- Chapter 8. The Undergraduate Experience of SCL: The Core and the Media Production MajorChapter 9. The Media Production Project: Integrating Theory with PracticeChapter 10. Adapting Systems Centred Learning for Other Institutional SettingsChapter 11. Creativity and the Postgraduate ExperienceChapter 12. Implications of a Systems Centred Learning Approach
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