Dust in Galaxies

Dust in Galaxies


Royal Society of Chemistry






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Interstellar Dust in Galaxies; What are Dust Grains made of? How to find their Chemical Composition; What is the Structure of Interstellar Dust Grains? How to find their Physical Composition; Some Old Stars are "Smoking Like Candles": Is this where Interstellar Dust Grains Come from?; What happens to Stardust in Interstellar Space?; Doing Chemistry in the Dark: How Interstellar Dust leads to Molecular Complexity in the Interstellar Gas; Catalytic Chemistry in Space? Reactions on Bare Dust Grains; Chemistry in the Freezer: Making Complex Molecules from Simple Interstellar Ices; Making Stars and Planets from Interstellar Gas and Dust; Where and How does Life Begin?; What have we Learned About Dust in Space?
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