Doing Public Ethnography

Doing Public Ethnography

How to Create and Disseminate Ethnographic and Qualitative Research to Wide Audiences

Vannini, Phillip

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Acknowledgements Part I 1. The need for a public ethnography 2. What is public ethnography and whom is it good for? 3. Why and how more ethnographers are seeking broader audiences 4. Beyond Representation Part II 5. Losing bad habits 6. Sensuous scholarship 7. Learning from documentary film 8. Enlivening Ethnography: In Search of a More-than-Representational Style 9. Writing in Magazines and Blogs Part III 10. Multimodal Ethnography 11. Working with Audio 12. Working with images 13. The Basics of Shooting and Editing Video 14. Sharing Videos References Index
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