Doing Aesthetics with Arendt

Doing Aesthetics with Arendt

How to See Things

Sjoholm, Cecilia

Columbia University Press






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Cecilia Sjoholm reads Hannah Arendt as a philosopher of the senses, grappling with questions of vision, hearing, and touch even in her political work. Constructing an Arendtian theory of aesthetics from the philosopher's fragmentary writings on art and perception, Sjoholm begins a vibrant new chapter in Arendt scholarship that expands her relevance for contemporary philosophers.
Introduction 1. Sensing Space: Art and the Public Sphere 2. The Work of Art 3. The Encroachment of Others 4. Tensions of Law: Tragedy and the Visibility of Lives 5. Comedy in the Dark: Arendt, Chaplin, and Anti-Semitism Notes Bibliography Index
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