Digital Humanities and New Ways of Teaching

Digital Humanities and New Ways of Teaching

Tso, Anna Wing-bo

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Part 1: Digital Archiving and Cultural Heritage Preservation.- Chapter 1: "Digital Humanities in the German speaking world" by Monika Ganssbauer.- Chapter 2:"Digital Humanities Projects on Chinese Canadian Studies" by Jack Hang-tat Leong.- Chapter 3: "The Philippine Performance Archive on Cultural Performances: Archive as Performative Cultural Memory and Pedagogy" by Sir Anril Pineda Tiatco, Bryan Levina Viray, and Jem Roque Javier.- Part 2: Current Research on Digital Humanities.- Chapter 4: "Digitalization and Literature: The Approach of a Poet-Critic to Digital Influences on Poetry and Fiction with Special Reference to My Own Experience as a Writer" by Andrew Parkin.- Chapter 5: "Initiatives of Digital Humanities in Cantonese Studies: A Corpus of Mid-20th Century Hong Kong Cantonese" by Andy Chi-on Chin.- Chapter 6: "Building Cantonese Dictionaries Using Crowd-sourcing Strategies: The Project" by Chaak-ming Lau.- Part 3: Teaching on Digital Humanities.- Chapter 7: "An Exploration of Design Principles to Enhance Students' L2 Acquisition in a Flipped Class" by Helena Hing-wa Sit and Sijia Guo.- Chapter 8: "Gaming Literacy and Its Pedagogical Implications" by Noble Po-kan Lo and Billy Cheuk-yuen Mok.- Chapter 9: "Locating Digital Humanities: Teaching E-Literature in the Pacific" by John Paolo Sarce.- Part 4: Future Directions in Digital Humanities.- Chapter 10: "Visitors' Perception of a Multimodal Exhibition: A Case Study at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum" by Anna Wing-bo Tso and Janet Man-ying Lau.- Chapter 11: "Digital Storytelling Using Both Keyboard and Pen" by Dora Wong.- Chapter 12: "Adult Learners' Digital Literacies on an Online Social Networking Site - Facebook" by Winnie Siu-yee Ho.