Digital Archives

Digital Archives

Management, access and use

Ivacs, Gabriella; Dobreva, Milena

Facet Publishing






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This landmark edited collection offers a wide-ranging overview of how rapid technological changes and the push for providing wide access to digitized cultural heritage holdings are changing the landscape of archives.
1. Are digital humanities redefining the relationship between historians and information professionals?: documentary mediations in the digital age - Enrico Natale 2. Managing turbulence - Trudy Huskamp Peterson 3. The political economy of digital cultural preservation - Guy Pessach 4. The legal issues of digital archives - Olexander Pastukhov 5. Scientific information policies in the European context - Carla Basili 6. Access to digital archives: studying users' expectations and behaviours - Pierluigi Feliciati 7. Open standards and open content - Gabriella Ivacs 8. Current best data management and audit practices - Panayiota Polydoratou, Elli Papadopoulou, Sotirios Sismanis and Donald Tabone 9. Access restrictions and prioritization for access - Gillian Oliver 10. Citizen science and crowdsourcing in archives - Milena Dobreva
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