Democracy and Globalization

Democracy and Globalization

Anger, Fear and Hope


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Introduction: The crisis and the future of democracy Part 1: THE GREAT DISRUPTION: ANGER AND FEAR 1. It is not about development, but effectiveness 2. Less bourgeoisie, less democracY 3. The split of the middle class 4. Nationalists against the European Union 5. Make America divided again 6. India, Indonesia: poor but delivering Part II: THE GLOBAL FUTURE: HOPE 7. High effectiveness requires multiple governments 8. Local government thrives in an open world 9. National democracy needs multi-party cooperation 10. Continental unions prosper: America, India, Europe 11. Global institutions prefigure a world government 12. There will be more democracies, but it may take a while Conclusion: Should we still call it "democracy"?
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