Delaying Retirement

Delaying Retirement

Progress and Challenges of Active Ageing in Europe, the United States and Japan

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Chapter 1. Retirement Transitions in Times of Institutional Change - Theoretical Concept; Dirk Hofacker and Jonas Radl.- Chapter 2. Trends and Determinants of Retirement Transition in Europe, the United States and Japan: A Comparative Overview; Stefanie Koenig, Moritz Hess, and Dirk Hofacker.- Chapter 3. Determinants of retirement and late career in Estonia; Marge Unt and Ellu Saar.- Chapter 4. Path dependency versus new determinants of retirement in the Czech Republic; Lucie Vidovicova.- Chapter 5. Retirement in a context of strong institutional uncertainty and territorial diversities: The case of Italy; Sonia Bertolini, Nicola De Luigi, Barbara Giullari, Valentina Goglio, Roberto Rizza, and Federica Santangelo.- Chapter 6. Flow and ebb of early retirement: Pension reform and labor market participation of older workers in Spain; Elisa Chulia, Luis Garrido, and Jonas Radl.- Chapter 7. Germany: A Successful Reversal of Early Retirement?; Moritz Hess.- Chapter 8. From early exit to postponing pension: How the Dutch polder model shapes retirement; Maria Fleischmann and Ferry Koster.- Chapter 9. Retirement determinants in Austria: An aging society but a hesitant policymaker; Lisa Schmidthuber, Heike Schroeder, and Edmund Panzenboeck.- Chapter 10. Employment and retirement of older workers in the UK; Matt Flynn and Yuxin Li.- Chapter 11. Japan: Determinants of retirement in a hyper-aged society; Masa Higo, Heike Schroeder and Atsuhiro Yamada.- Chapter 12. The gendered and liberal retirement regime in Switzerland; Ignacio Madero-Cabib.- Chapter 13. The outdistanced vanguard: Early retirement policy in Denmark as an obstacle to progress in active aging; Stefanie Koenig and Julia Schilling.- Chapter 14. Sweden: Steeply rising older workers' employment rates in a late-exit country; Stefanie Koenig and Gabriella Sjoegren Lindquist.- Chapter 15. Increasing Heterogeneity of Retirement in the United States: Interactions Between State, Firm, and Individual Determinants of Later-Life Labor Force Withdrawal; David F. Warner.- Chapter 16. Retirement Transitions under Changing Institutional Conditions: Towards Increasing Inequalities? Comparing evidence from 13 countries; Moritz Hess, Stefanie Koenig, and Dirk Hofacker.