Deformation Compatibility Control for Engineering Structures

Deformation Compatibility Control for Engineering Structures

Methods and Applications

Deng, Jianliang; Zhou, Zhihui; Zhu, Hanhua; Chen, Mengchong

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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This book presents essential methods of deformation compatibility control, and explicitly addresses the implied conditions on the methods' deformation compatibility.
Method of deformation compatibility control for engineering structures.- Adaptability of engineering structure system and mechanical analysis.- Three findings on the safety of engineering structure.- Two understandings on the mechanical principles in the engineering structure.- Concentration of damages at the weak location of structures due to the incompatible deformation.- Comprehensive control on the deformation of structure.- Applications of deformation compatibility control methods in traffic structure engineering.- Optimized transmission or transfer of force in structural system related with the deformation compatibility control.- Applications in bridge structure.- Applications in tunnel engineering.- Applications in the solution to "vehicle jumping on bridge ends".- Comments of Jun Sun (Academician of China Engineering Academic).
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